Fleet COmmander

i.LON Fleet Commander

i.LON Fleet Commander is your unified command station for managing i.LON SmartServers and LonWorks devices on the enterprise level. Changes to networks and devices can be made in bulk from a simple web based user interface.

Functionality of LonWorks device management includes firmware updates, commissioning/decommissioning, network variable binding, setting of configuration properties and sending commands to devices. Popular uses include changing schedules and setpoints across a portfolio of buildings in bulk based on corporate energy savings strategies.

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SkySpark Lon Connector

SkySpark includes the ability to connect to LonWorks devices integrated with Niagara AX out of the box, but what do you do about LON networks based on LNS? Typically integrators would be forced to install a JACE and commit numerous hours to get the network back up and running. With Prodatacon’s SkySpark Lon Connector, you can integrate existing LNS networks with zero downtime to sub-systems and be on your way to alarming and analytics with SkySpark!

Read our white paper for more details!

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SkySpark Analytics

SkySpark can be used in a wide variety of applications with systems of all types. Its not tied to any one manufacturer‘s products or devices. Applications include building commissioning, equipment fault detection, energy analysis, load profiling, facility benchmarking, asset performance tracking, and carbon and greenhouse gas reporting. SkySpark’s high-performance database and infinitely flexible analytics language can provide results not possible with other tools. And, the built-in visualization applications make it a ready to go solution. With SkySpark you know how your buildings, equipment systems, and devices are really operating and where and how you can improve performance.